By Guest Blogger - Toni McWilliams (Employee - Murphy-Goode Winery)

The stunning corner lounge table was made from rescued salvage wood and aged iron from Heritage Salvage in Petaluma.  The table was built by their crew – Reggy Dias, Heather Gallagher and Kyle Gendle, with design specifications from our construction manager, Nate Lester.

The three-inch thick redwood from which this table was made has a very interesting history.  The wood planks were originally the staves used to build a large water tank, built right here on the North Coast back in the 1890’s.  The tank was shipped to Budweiser in St Louis, Missouri, where it stored water for their brewery.  During prohibition, the tank was dismantled and used to build a humongous barn for the Budweiser Clydesdale horses.  Just a few years ago, a new luxury barn was built for the Clydesdales, and the old barn wood was dismantled once again, at which time Heritage Salvage acquired the aging redwood planks.  You’ll notice the center plank (stave) of the table still has its original layers of paint, acquired throughout its long history.  We thought some of this deserved to stay intact, so that its story could be clearly seen, and felt.  The outer planks to the right and left of the center show the fully refurbished surface, exhibiting the magnificent beauty and grain of the redwood preserved underneath.

Reggy Dias (furniture maker), Kyle Gendle (metal fabricator/Petaluma River rust finish expert), and Heather Gallagher (finish craftswoman) posing with their newly built table at Heritage Salvage on pick-up day.

No sooner had we set the table down on the tasting room floor, did this couple stroll through the door and say, “We want to sit there!” It is so strikingly beautiful, we couldn’t blame them.  Tasting room host Kim Berglund was happy to accommodate their request.

They were so thrilled with the room, the table and of course the wine – they joined the Goode & Ready Wine Club right there on the spot.  Good karma from the table within the first five minutes!

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