National Hot Dog Month Wrap-Up: Wine + Hot Dogs?

Wine and hot dogs? You bet. We combed through a few experts blogs to pull together some great pairing suggestions:

Serious Eats Deb Harkness recommends Sparkling Wines, Gewürztraminer, Rosé, and Merlot for it’s plush texture working great with the texture of Hot Dogs.

Ray Isle from Food & Wine gets specific: New York Style (Kraut and Mustard) pairs well with Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris, Chicago Dogs (tomato, pickle, onion, mustard, sport peppers & celery salt) are great with Riesling, and for Chili Dogs (all-beef hot dog, chili, chopped onion and yellow mustard) go with a lively Rosé.

Mark Oldman from Food Network likes Pinot Noir with his New York dog, and pairs Chicago Style with Sauvignon Blanc. He likes Chili Dogs with Shiraz or Zinfandel.

So as July comes to a close, celebrate the end of National Hot Dog Month in Wine Style!

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